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So, I wasn’t able to write much in the latter days. Unfortunately I’m having a job of closing envelopes to complete, that will take me most of my time at least till tomorrow (it has to be completed for tomorrow 12 CEST). After that, I’ll be working once again on Gentoo and the rest of the projects.

I’ll try to cleanup the FFmpeg patches so that they can be merged sooner or later, as they are proving a good improvement for xine at least, whatever someone can say about the dynamic linking and so on.

Soon there will be KDE 3.5.5 release to take care of, and that is enough of a trouble for me at this point; I wasn’t able to test new KOffice even, yet.

I’m still receiving reports, good and bad, about supports for Amarok, libmtp, musicbrainz, karma. I’ll try to get around to them tomorrow, too.

Sigh, at least I can sleep 🙂

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