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Insomnia, once again

I wonder sometime if I’m a Denobulan (whoever don’t understand this quote, is not geek enough!). Right now I’m awake waiting for GCC 4 to re-build itself and see if the patches in bug #146817 caused more problems while working on FFmpeg’s visibility support.

I’m once again trying to achieve a lower symbols (and thus bindings) count on FFmpeg libraries, to let xine/picoxine load faster (and Amarok with them).

Now, I’m trying to follow Michael Niedermayer’s suggestion and using protected visibility for symbols, so that they take no binding time when used by the library itself, which should, once again, reduce the time needed for the binding to get used. Unfortunately, all I’m achieving here is a text relocation, that ends up breaking PIC support. I’m not sure why, but this happens with both default and protected visibility, so something is really broken; I’m likely to blame those patches if the rebuild of GCC will give me that indication.

If I’m able to get this working, it will most likely help me to build also a quicker xine-lib, but this is just one step on the right direction, a lot more work should be done, and I don’t think I’ll ever have enough time to complete the work by myself.

Besides, I really need to find a way to sleep decently. I should probably try to finish The eye of the world and find another book that might relax me more. Today’s quiz on #amarok, also reminded me that I should try more Grisham’s books, like The Firm (I liked the movie with Tom Cruise, and I liked the couple of books I read of Grisham), that by the way is in my wishlist too.

And continuing on associative memory, I still owe all my readers the post on books I promised when I returned (books I read while I was offline during August), and it’s now almost a month… I’ll get around to do that sooner or later.

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  1. Don’t read Eye of the World. Then you will want to get the next one and so on. You won’t get any sleep.

  2. The point is that I don’t have the next one at hand, so I’ll be forced to sleep đŸ™‚

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