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Planning the FreeBSD 6.2 update strategy

I’m currently thinking about the strategy to update Gentoo/FreeBSD to FreeBSD 6.2, that will be out soon.

The first important change that will have to happen is the new baselayout, 1.13_alpha, that Roy is working on, the first unified version of baselayout between Linux and FreeBSD (yai!) with parallel startup and all the cool features but the PAM support in start-stop-daemon (for FreeBSD, that is). Thank you Roy for all the work 🙂

Also, GNOME will probably be part of the keyworded packages, thanks to steev:

GNOME on Gentoo/FreeBSD screenshot

Other important change will likely be the merge of the work done by Victor during Summer of Code for Gentoo/FreeBSD on AMD64 (which will mean ~amd64-fbsd keyword in tree soon).

I also read that Matteo Riondato is working on the new FreeSBIE that will probably make our work simpler till I can force Timothy to create a proper Gentoo/FreeBSD LiveCD (based on FreeSBIE of course) 😉

I think I can be pretty satisfied of how Gentoo/FreeBSD is evolving lately, and I wish to thank all the people who allowed this dream come true: Daniel Robbins and Seemant, Otavio R. Piske, Aaron Walker, Stephen Bennet, Javier, Victor and Alex (my personal Spanish conspiracy ;)), Martin Schlemmer, Benigno B. Junior, Roy Marples, Timothy Redaelli, Steev Klimaszewski, and for Gentoo/*BSD project Andrea Barisani, Karol Pasternak, Damian Florczyk and Robert Sebastian Gerus (the BSD-Polish conspiracy), and all the contributors in Bugzilla that I forgot to mention, but I’m still grateful to 🙂

I hope nobody will misunderstand me now, I’m not going away from Gentoo anytime soon 🙂 I wished to thank all the above because we’re approaching a new release and it’s promising many improvements thanks to the contribution of all the people. This is not a goodbye, but a “stay tuned” message 🙂

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  1. I feel very, very happy to know that the Gentoo/FreeBSD is going great!Keep up the good work :DOtavio R. Piske

  2. Actually, Diego, you are the greatest asset to the Gentoo/BSD effort. You made the dream real. You, basically, rock.

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