Giving up ALSA?

Well, after my post about the problems I encounter maintaining ALSA, and dsd’s reply, I’m seriously considering stopping maintaining ALSA.

One thing that might not be clear is that even if I maintain “only” the alsa-driver package, I’m also maintaining alsa-lib, alsa-utils, alsa-tools alsa-everything, and I get bug reports even when the in-kernel driver is used if alsa-lib crashes because of a userland<->kernel misalignment. This is why I’d rather avoid bugs from users using in-kernel drivers altogether.

But seems like my ideas have no value to anyone else just because they got ALSA working fine with in-kernel drivers. Okay, I accept this. Up to you guys to maintain it from now on then, let’s see if you can solve something.

Please note that I never asked for exclusive maintainership of ALSA: all the packages have the maintainer set to sound team, which means that anybody in the sound project can take care of them; I even wrote a maintainer’s guide to let others know what’s going on. Even with this, while I was offline, nobody bumped ALSA. Why?

Even the fact that I had to “fight” and lost against the documentation team about what should have been suggested to users about ALSA is, to me, a symptom that anybody is ready to maintain all the packages, what do I know?

So, as I said, I’m tired of this task that procures me nothing but blames, bashing and sore blood. For the first time even 3 or 4 users who thank me aren’t enough to keep me on my seat, because for every one who thank me there seems to be at least 4 that think they know better (there might not be so many of them, but they are vocal). So let them take care of it, I have better things to do with the little free time I have than trying to relax after the nerves I get from discussing ALSA problems.