New xine snapshot in portage

So, after the quick fixes of last night, and a lot of work on the configure file to cut it down to manageable size, trying to use pkg-config instead of compile trials, I’ve decided to update the snapshot in portage to a new version.

Please note that there are a few things that needs to be cleaned up, like for instance the new libcaca support requires also a new version of xine-ui to go with it, or it will ask two different libcaca libraries.

Unfortunately I still have a few things to fix on xine-ui before making a new snapshot of that too (although I have to say that I’d rather stop caring about xine-ui, but not something I can do).

Comments, bug reports and so on about the new snapshots are welcome, as I want to flesh out the problems as soon as possible, so that I can fix them. And I also want to know if the time I spend on xine is not wasted time, that I could spend on something else..