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Trying to ask before… new Amarok support

So, on tonight I got to know that the next release is likely to have a plugin to work with Rio Karma portable devices, thanks to mopoke. This implementation relies on libkarma and on omfs kernel module.

Now, I have to say that Amarok developers with their damn idea of making it the best music player on the face of the earth, supporting as many portable media devices they can, are getting on my nerves! 😉 I cannot even test the supports I need to enable!

Anyway, although I didn’t get yet someone to test the MTP support for good (and as I said, I don’t have a device to try myself), this time I want to start requesting information/testers/developers going to maintain those packages beforehand.

What does this mean? That if you’re a developer, you should be starting preparing ebuilds for the two softwares above, and if you’re not, you either need to become one to maintain them, accept that there won’t be any support for the Karma on the ebuild (and resolve to use EXTRA_ECONF losing support if problems come up), or provide me the means to maintain the two packages above.

Now, considering that Rio Karma seems not be be found anymore (at least on Amazon where I had a page bookmarked, as I looked up information about this particular portable device some time ago, because it was the only one I heard supporting FLAC out of the box), and that it wouldn’t be exactly cheap anyway, I do hope nobody will ever consider the third option. I feel ashamed not to be able to support already two portable devices types, but really I cannot do much more than this.

As I said, help is really appreciated 🙂

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  1. I do have a Karma and will be more than happy to test it. I’ll try to get something working locally but am not experienced enough to maintain the ebuilds.

  2. Thanks grahl, test is always welcome :)Joshua, I don’t think it’s the case to “waste” adopt-a-dev this way. If I get enough requests, I can think of it, but not right now. Also because it seems to be not quite cheap for a single user, maybe if I get 10 or 15 requests the thing might change, but not before that.

  3. I built amarok from svn today with libkarma support and all seemed to be going well but the supposed menu entry for “Rio Karma Device” instead of “Generic Audio Player” didn’t show up. The Rio is otherwise accessible. I’ll try some patches I found somewhere.

  4. Actually, the Cowan iAudio X5 also supports FLAC out of the box. I have one, its a nice player.

  5. I have already tried the patch for amarok made by libkarma devs, and would REALLY LOVE to see it enter portage!I had made ebuilds for libkarma and omfs, and will post them soon enough on (if not already posted)ciao

  6. I have a rio karma and enough experience with portage to write and test the ebuilds. Unfortunately since i am working my way through college I dont have time to become a full-fledged gentoo dev (although I did try back in high school). If interested, send an email to, or send an AIM IM to the same name.

  7. I would appreciate Karma support.Karma and Amarok and Gentoo – that’s what rocks my world anyway. ;)I also own a Karma and I’m willing to help/test.

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