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Mandriva made my evening

So, one can be depressed, tired and sad as much as he want, and then Mandriva can take him up and let him laugh as he didn’t in quite a bit… 🙂

I have first to say that I’m sorry for the Mandriva developers, really, I’m not trying to make a fool of you, but this makes at least smile after reading, and I know you didn’t do this on purpose, but it’s still funny to me 🙂

Frédéric Crozat announces on Planet GNOME the release of GNOME 2.16 and its availability on the new Mandriva release: Mandriva Linux 2007.0 Release Candidate 1 (codename Mona)

So now you’ll be asking me what I find of funny in that (if you’re not North-Italian)… well, “Mona” in Venice dialect (and other dialects derived or infected, which means about the whole North-East of Italy), has two meanings, none of which is really a compliment 😉

The first, is a variant of “fool”, that I’d feel like an equivalent of English’s “git”; the other is an anatomic reference to a (lower) part of woman’s body…

Now the jokes about that release will probably be on the topics of all the LUGs of the region 😀

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  1. And of course, as also Luca proposed, we should propose that the next release (rc or final) will be called “Belin” for the equity of North-West Italy 😉

  2. Surprisingly, here in Argentina (for those US citizens who don’t know, we speak spanish ;), a girl who is “mona” (ie. “una chica mona”) is a pretty one.It’s not very common (it used to be some years ago), but it’s widely known. I don’t know if other spanish-speaking countries use that term too.

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