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Again gitarella

So, last night I couldn’t sleep, and I then decided to continue with what I do when I cannot sleep: code. I think this would be one of the last times that I have time to do this tho, but I’d wait the official results to say that.

Now gitarella loads fine repositories in which there are merges (commits with more than one parent), as ruby-hunspell came to be, plus I’ve added the tag display à-la GitWeb, and added an option to rename the title of Gitarella pages.

Other than that, I’ve cleaned up and improved it a bit more, but it’s not ready for a new release yet of course. I hope to implement commitdiff soon and that would be a good start, for once.

On a totally unrelated note, Marius published his two Gentoo/FreeBSD wallpapers (the ones I named a few posts ago) on KDE-Look: Floating and Dark Skies . Marius, I love those wallpapers 🙂

So soon you’ll be seeing some screenshots of Gentoo/FreeBSD used as a desktop, with Marius wallpapers on the background 😉

Okay now that’s official and I can say it. seems like I’ll be on the new council, which means that my free time is going dooooown the sink.. I hope that at least the two amarok problems (tunepimp and mtp) can be cleared up…

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