I don’t have 72 hours days!

So seems like even if I try to explain on my blog that I try to do my best with the time, that is not enough to understand why not everything is currently working at the state of the art on Gentoo/FreeBSD.

I know, that the guide isn’t updated and there are black spots and holes that needs to be fixed, but I don’t have vmware-server merged right now (I unmerged it while I was trying to reduce this system to a minimum for a time), and thus I cannot test it first hand yet. I’ll try to do so soon.

I know I have to fix the install-sh trouble that Alex already reported, but I have not yet a good enough idea to fix it.

I’m working on getting dbus in shape on FreeBSD. Unfortunately for some reasons it started fine the first time, then crashed after a while, and now I cannot start it anymore. I’ve already told Timothy about it and he’s working on fixing the issue.

I still have to look at projectM ebuild I was asked to look at; I haven’t looked at MoodBar to add it to portage yet; I’ve yet to look for RubyRipper (sorry Ben I didn’t answer you yet either, I’ll try to look at the ebuild when I have time).

As I said, I’m trying not to prioritise exclusively the things I use directly, so to give a fair share of possibility for other stuff to be done, but I might fail to produce much this way, at least on the short timings (as I said before, bribes are accepted to change my priorities), so you have to bear with me if you want something done now, or you can just submit patches, they are always welcome, even more than bribes.