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Of course, I’m not talking of my personal life, as I cannot dump anyone, and I cannot get dumped, at the very least I can be rejected, but there’s no need for that either, as I’m just sure I will die alone.

What I dumped were two packages, today, one being Kerry (sorry I’m not using Beagle anymore here, too much CPU time wasted, and upstream ignored my enquiries, even being a fellow KDE developer and distribution maintainer), and confcache, that provided me only lots of problem and quite a few bad words by developers and users when the caching broke stuff.

This is part of my plan to try re-acquiring some time, possibly before I get the a new job that will take most of my time, so that the packages I maintain can be maintained correctly on the long run.

I’ve also moved the metadata of net-im/kopete so that it’s under KDE herd entirely, and not directly under me. I’ll probably do similar things for other packages, too.

To continue on this plan, I’ll also write a maintainer’s guide for PulseAudio and related packages, so that other people in sound herd can handle it, while I’m not around. And try to draft up some documentation for kde.eclass and autotools.eclass and pam.eclass.

I’m not trying to reduce my commitment on Gentoo, but I’d rather try to focus it when needed: there’s no need now for an exclusive maintenance of net-im/kopete by my side, as it’s now more mature than before, and next release of KDE 3.5 will contain it already, which means we’ll just re-absorb it into kde-base/kopete and be done with that, and for PulseAudio, I don’t feel like I need a special maintainership now that’s mostly fine with Gentoo’s setup. Most of the stuff I maintain directly right now is because required special attention, like xine-lib and vlc; but while the first I want to continue maintain myself, as I’ve come to know how it works and its quirks, I’d rather give VLC maintenance to someone else, as I’ve stopped using it mostly, and the maintainer’s guide already show most of the relative documentation.

So at the end my involvement would be limited to put the package in shape, leaving the rest of the work to the herd (myself included, which means I don’t leave them uncovered). Like they say.. give a man a fish and he’ll eat for the day; teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for his entire life.

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