How can I feel bored, eh?

Seems like Chris White is afraid I might be bored now that Javier is officially with us for Gentoo/FreeBSD. Well, he can be assured, I won’t be bored in this phase of universe.

First of all, I spent the day working on Gentoo/FreeBSD, trying to keyword the stuff that needed to be keyworded. Then there are other things that I’d like to do, that are going to eat my time step by step.

One of the projects I suggested for the Summer of Code, alsa-lib support in FreeBSD, is something I’m really tempted to work at. Just think of being able to use any alsa-enabled software on FreeBSD with PulseAudio backend. This is something really interesting for multimedia support on FreeBSD. Too bad I don’t figure like a student anymore at the moment, and I already accepted to be a mentor for Gentoo, or I would have applied to handle that myself 🙂 I admit I would have liked some money to do the jobs I do daily, but it’s also true that Summer of Code was also directed toward finding new developers and new areas of interest, so I actually feel better with myself knowing I didn’t waste a slot in Gentoo opportunities to find new developers.

Add to the work done on Gentoo/FreeBSD the usual bug squashing from time to time, and tonight Tony reporting problems with PulseAudio and HAL support (thing that I didn’t test myself, as I don’t have hal useflag enabled on system level even on Linux). I should take my iBook now and update it and build PulseAudio with HAL and see if that works.

Plus, I still have to write the output plugin for xine, and I have a few bugs there I need to fix, and I have to complete KDigest in ruby (especially since Mark Kretschmann (of Amarok) reminded me how good is to write KDE applications with Ruby)….

So I have a lot of stuff to do, and small time to do them. Oh and I cannot forget that next Tuesday I have an appointment with an accountant as I need to handle some paperwork to continue my job, that might not be as lost as I was afraid.