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Testing request

I’ve bumped Amarok in portage to the latest version released 1.4.3, that should fix a few problems. Still, there’s no musicbrainz support (crashed on me the other day, so it’s not ready yet; 0.5.1 release is not announced on the site, there’s a tarball, but no zip file, and this means I’m not likely to use it), and no MTP support.

About the MTP support, Thomas has tested it with the current version in portage, and was unable to make it work from user. For this reason, I’m not going to enable its support just yet. If some of you are using the MTP support in Amarok 1.4.3 release (not amarok-svn !!!) and can tell me that it works, how and if they are sure, I might decide to enable it.

The alternative is if I were able to find a MTP-compatible mp3 player so that I could test it first-hand, but as I have no mp3 player at all, I think I’ll just pass and wait…

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