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Some things just don’t change

So, first the good news. Today I received the Linksys WRT54GL-EU I ordered on Monclick (I have to say, they are always good and quick, I ordered it two days ago!). Unfortunately also Linksys’s web interface is crippled down unbelievably, and disallows to invert the sense of the routing, or to put the wireless support into client mode and route with that. But I knew what to do this time, I looked up on OpenWRT Wiki and flashed the firmware, then it was just the time to configure it and now the iBook can relax after two days of routing 🙂

I have also to say that, even if the 3Com router behaves well under load, and its modem works surely better than the previous one (D-Link) on this low grade line, their tech support isn’t exactly the best available. Well they are more polite than D-Link, that goes without saying, but they seem to be pretty clueless, they seemed not to understand my current LANs setup, nor the bug I told them I found in their interface. I hope they’ll be able to recognise it as an error in their interface even after the 90 days support period expire, but even if they don’t I suppose the simplest way is to make the error public so much they can’t ignore it.

Now, to return on the topic, which are the things that don’t change? First of all, xine. Last night Alberto told me that the masked 1.1.3 prerelesae didn’t build on PowerPC, so I fixed it to build there; unfortunately I broke it on x86 and amd64. But then, now a new problem was reported so I’m trying to investigate it. I hate libfaad.

On a different note, next PulseAudio is going to require libatomic_ops so I’m probably going to add that to portage later on. I’ll also see to add PulseAudio Volume Meter that I missed the first time, thanks to theBear on for notifying me.

I’m trying to catching up with my mails too, but don’t worry if I won’t answer you too soon, it’s a lot of mails I have here 🙁

Let’s debug!

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