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Gentoo Updates from the Flame

A bit of updates for my loyal users who waited for my return to get a few bumps 😉 As I didn’t talk much of the things I’ve done for Gentoo since I returned, it’s time now to write about this topic.

First of all, I spent the good part of yesterday updating the 100+ packages that were updated while I was away, so I started committing only last night. I had some big bumps that were waiting, mostly PulseAudio software and ALSA 1.0.12 release.

Now, ALSA is updated, 1.0.12 final in ~arch for everybody, finally with pulse plugin in alsa-plugins, rather than the misnamed polyp plugin. It’s a whole refresh of the packages, so there’s a bit to update.

PulseAudio was updated too, with the new HAL support working out of the box, but there might be problems with the new SHM support: at least my system had /dev/shm set 0755, while it should be 1777 .. if PulseAudio fails to work for you, run “chmod 1777 /dev/shm” and you’ll be done, most likely. I also added paprefs to the portage tree, but -* masked as I cannot test it myself (requires gconf); I’ll leave to more GNOME-oriented developers to handle it.

On the KDE side, amarok-1.4.2-r1 is in portage, there’s no -r0 because I wanted that everybody who bumped it locally rebuild it with the patches upstream provided me. This version does not re-enable musicbrainz, because it’s still masked, and does not provide libmtp support, because it’s not in portage. You can still use EXTRA_ECONF to enable libmtp if you want, the patch needed is included. Same for musicbrainz. Remember not to file bugs if you do that tho. I also update Kopete, and I’ve seen Matteo beating me with updating GwenView 😉 I’ve added a new KMail too disabling indexlib, that is reported by upstream as highly experimental, it might be the cause for some of the crashes at least.

rtorrent/libtorrent are bumped too, but I have to say I find latest rtorrent a bit slower (with the interface) than before.

And really interesting for anybody on non-x86 systems, I’ve added a snapshot of xine-lib, a 1.1.3_pre release, masked, that uses masked ffmpeg to play WMV3 files! No win32codecs needed, no mplayer-bin needed! Enjoy 🙂 And thanks Luca for the ffmpeg snapshot update.

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  1. Diego,I emerged the masked ffmpeg and xine-lib 1.1.3-pre and sought and downloaded a random WMV file off the internet. I removed win32codecs and played the file in Codeine. It played beautifully!I can’t tell what type of WMV file it is so if you have more test cases I’ll be happy to keep testing.

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