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I’m glad to be back

So here I am, simply a quick post now to tell you I’m not dead. Unfortunately Italian telco, “Telecom Italia”, took 26 days to find that I wasn’t having connection because another company (Sielte) detached my cable when they repaired the cable of the house in front of me …

So no summer break for me, no vacation, and no connection for a month. I’ll be explaining what happened with details in the next hours, but now I have a month worth of stuff to handle 🙁

Amarok, Kopete, PulseAudio and other bumps will follow, too.

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  1. Welcome back!!!Wherever you have been Im glad to see you are back. Maybe you’ll finally hush some voices who were claiming “bloody murder” cause you were not updating kopete and amarok. 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your time off. I’m on a bit of a vacation myself. I moved and my new DSL provider has been slow in setting up my account. I’ve been stuck with using AOL (dialup) on Win98 at my parents’ house for the past week. I should be back tomorrow night though.

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