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Story of a broken stage

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

So, I have to apologise with all Gentoo/FreeBSD users who got stuck with the 20060721 stage, unfortunately it was broken by two issues that I didn’t find when I was preparing the stage. The first was properly my mistake, bsdtar does not like being installed with -j8, the other was due to eselect-compiler. I fixed it preparing a 0730 snapshot, but I’m still waiting for jforman and curtis119 to uploaded it, and today I also prepared a 0802 stage that is built directly with gettext-0.15 (and thus

Now, let’s see what happens with the newest stage: gettext-0.15 is in that stage, which means there won’t be any particular trouble with the update, which is a really good thing, because it actually made me afraid of losing a box for a while. Thanks to Timothy I also fixed the wrong default alias for ls, and now finally ls is coloured by default when you run on a compatible terminal 🙂
UTF-8 works by default, too.

Unfortunately, as mirror and torrent masters are currently unavailable (/me pokes both), I’ve temporarily uploaded the stage here but they’ll go away as soon as the mirrors are updated.

On a totally unrelated note, KDE 3.5.4 is now unmasked in portage, as the KDE mirrors started providing the tarballs, and they have the same digests of the pre-releases, so the mirroring system also picked them up and they are available also on Gentoo mirrors. Funny to see that kde-packager was not being warned about the availability of the tarballs to public beforehand, but I’m told this is the usual way to handle the release… pretty poor thing to me, but whatever.

Oh and yes, yesterday my connection was down, again. I suspect the cause was the bad (well, not so bad for me as I like rain and thunderstorms) weather we had in the past few days, that probably created some problems with the cables and so on. I spent the afternoon continuing to read The Dark Tower , and I have to say, reading books in English makes you enjoy them a huge lot more than reading the translations.

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