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Unplanned downtime

So, since last night my blog was mostly down, till this late afternoon.

For the ones missing it, it was due to the nano-hurricane we had here last night, for sure not to the level that Americans are used to, but more of a storm than we usually have here. At my house we didn’t get major damages but there is now a broken tent, and a lot of branches fell from the trees here around.

With all that happened (and it was bad, with that icy rain), the power company left us without power for 3 hours, which isn’t bad considering the fell trees and so on.. in a not-so-distant town they were without power for the whole night till morning.

But with the cooler night, after two weeks of hot, too hot nights (unfortunately, only on the literal temperature sense ;P), I literally fell asleep before the power was up again, and I slept so well till 8am. At that point, although I did take up the server again, I forgot to run ddclient till afternoon, because I was occupied helping a friend of mine setting up her new laptop (how many times did you see the pre-installed software containing a trojan horse?).

Anyway, farragut is now back up, hopefully for long still, as I’m going away next month as I told, and it would be bad if I have to fix it :/

And for a few unexpected circumstances, I’m afraid I won’t have a new job too soon, meaning I’m probably not going to upgrade the CPU here 🙁

And more on a Gentoo note, I’ve today removed my account from Kopete, as lately I was having lots of trouble, wasn’t it enough annoying to put the password in three times before getting a login. Now I”ll be using Google Talk server as my only Jabber acocunt.

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