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A few updates

So, before going away, I think I’ll try to provide a few updates on stuff.

The Gentoo/FreeBSD stage currently on mirrors is broken, I haven’t been able to talk to jforman to replace it yet, so for now if you want it, take it out of the torrents where it’s updated already. I’ll be working on an updated version soon, just time to find why it was created wrong this time.

A revbump of PulseAudio is in Portage now, to fix caps dropping when running system. Upstream highly suggests to enable caps useflag, by the way.

I haven’t been able to work on Gitarella lately, so there are still a few things missing there, like displaying tags on the logs pages and handling of branches. I hope to be able to work on those after I come back.

RubyTag++ (the taglib bindings) is still waiting. Upstream TagLib seems to be sleeping or deadish, which isn’t good at all. I’m starting thinking that TagLib itself is becoming more and more useless, considering the bugs that are present and the shallow support for new formats. I’ll try to contact Wheels once again when I’ll be back from my break, but if he’s still unavailable, or doesn’t intend to change anything in the way taglib is managed in svn/built/shipped, I’ll probably drop the whole idea of RubyTag++, leaving everything in the current state and stopping development. I don’t like this option, but working on bindings with an upstream that does not seem interested in a decent adoption of the library is not something you want to do, I ensure you.

My idea of upgrading the CPU of this box with an Athlon64 X2 939 Toledo has, at a least, to be delayed. All the shops I usually buy from haven’t updated the prices of the CPUs yet, so I find that CPU at a price between €490 and €620; the only shop with it at €245 does not have it available. I also looked for a couple of German e-shops, but one hasn’t it available, the other has it but would costs me €50 more just of shipping costs.

On a xine note, today me and Darren got access to #xine channel on Freenode, hopefully now it won’t be considered a dying channel 🙂 I’m still waiting to get access to the bug trackers on project page, as I have a few things to close and cleanup there, as things have been fixed. I’ll be working on the pulse output plugin and the wavpack decoder plugin when I’ll be back, for sure.

For what concerns rbot, ServoFlame is still running on 0.9.9.. I should update to the current SVN, for start because I want to disable a bunch of plugins I don’t want to provide. Also, the hunspell plugin now supports the “misssssplell(sp?)” mode, like Genbot did before on #gentoo-* channels. It’s useful sometimes.

I also updated net-im/kopete so that it does not block libjingle anymore, so that it can be installed together with things that requires libjingle. I simply removed stunserver and relayserver: they are not used automatically by the library, so they aren’t needed as part of Kopete.

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  1. I’ve just upgraded to net-im/kopete-0.12.1-r2 (from -r1). Now i can’t connect to icq anymore… ICQ-Server says my client is too old. Did you reverted the last patch which repaired that?

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