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My break, Amarok, guides

Okay, I confirmed once and definitely my break scheduled for 8^th^–27^th^ of August. Thanks a lot to all the people who supported me on that through the comments 🙂

And thanks to Ian Monroe, also the Amarok bump problem is solved: he’ll notice me when the release will be done and I’ll see to come back for a day just to bump it out, and after that I’ll return to my vacation.. *Looks at the books ready to be read* Yeah good vacation coming 🙂

Today I also updated the xine, vlc and ALSA guides, so that they actually reflect the current state of the affairs. I also planned on writing a guide on PulseAudio, but that’s not easy to do considering that, well, there’s not much history to write about.

I might be writing something about kde.eclass, either now or when I’ll be back from the vacation, as that is really a bad ass piece of code, with lots of quirks, and maybe this way I can avoid being asked the same identical questions by some devs from time to time.

Returning a second to PulseAudio, I’m sorry I was late with bumping a few versions around; unfortunately I, well, missed it. I was so much focused on the upcoming KDE release that I literally didn’t see it. To avoid this (pretty embarrassing) situation in the future, I’ve subscribed to all the freshmeat project pages involved.

I’ll also try, during my break, to think about upgrading enterprise. Although a 3500+ CPU isn’t bad at all, and copes well with a normal user system, with all the builds I need to do every day while testing stuff, it’s becoming pretty limited. I’ll be looking forward to buy an Athlon64x2 4600+, as the motherboard supports it with just a BIOS update (thanks Asus!), and the recent cuts to the prices made it go down to €245, which isn’t bad by itself. It’s a bit more of a problem if I combine with a need of another 1GB RAM stick, that will cost me €89 (I currently have a single 1GB RAM stick, which would be a bit of a bottleneck if I go for a X2). If I get another job, I’ll be for sure considering this. Too bad the shops here does not have a special “free software developer” discount 😉

I had a couple more of topics I wanted to write about, more and less related to Gentoo, nothing about the current hot topics actually, but I’ll try to write about them in the next days, they might be interesting to someone.

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  1. Is that going to add to that summer heat you’ve been having problems with… 🙂

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