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Melting, making order, compiling

Let’s start from the good news. I completed the build of the prerelease on Gentoo Linux, and worked fine. Monolithics are still missing, and I’m a bit tired of that, as they seems to be lagging down every time. I’ll be working on them later this afternoon if nobody takes care of those before. While doing the upgrade I also fixed a bug in smoke not building, so this is good.

Now the bad news: I’m melting. Building KDE 3.5.4 on this box for a whole day along made the temperature go way over my acceptable standards. At the same time, I have to clean up this room as a friend of mine has to come here Saturday, which is proving a hard task considering the temperature here.

Also, at least tonight I was able to sleep, not much, but well, and that feels so good after a month or two of not sleeping during the night at all.

Okay, just a short blog this time as a head-up that I’m not freezing (sorry for the pun) and that KDE 3.5.4 will be ready for Gentoo as soon as it’s released.

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