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Documenting before break?

So, as I announced some time ago, next month I’m going on a three weeks break. I really need to relax for a while, as I’m really really under stress in this moment. The whole KDE release, plus other things that happened, were able to upset me so much that I feel like exploding.

Now, while I’m in break, what would happen to the packages that I usually maintain? Probably most of them will lag down. Unfortunately Amarok is unlikely to get into the previously scheduled release of 6^th^ August (that would be just fine to me, as I’m leaving the 8^th^) so if I’m not able to come back for the time needed to bump it, it will probably be lagged down. Yes, there are herds, but.. to be honest, I’m kinda territorial on Amarok alone, probably because there are a few quirks with the ebuild and I’m usually in contact enough with upstream to know what to do.

Also, I’d like if nobody touched xine-lib for the time being, there are many things there that might get messed up if done the wrong way, and although I started documenting its maintainership, I never completed it. I’m fine if somebody bumps ALSA, but I’m afraid nobody would (as they’d know that whoever touches it is going to be enforced in helping out with its long-term maintainership ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is why I’m now constricted to maintain it for instance.

Now, before going away, I might end up cleaning up the documentation of the packages, so to let people know what to do and how, and I might even go down on writing something from scratch to pulseaudio, if I find the time and the like. Unfortunately, even if I had time, right now I’m not in the like at all. I’m depressed by the requests I get (of things to do, improve, fix, cleanup, make easier) even when I do the better I can.

Oh well, will try to do something useful in the next days, at least for the sake of the users who trust me ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Well Diego I dunno what everybody else thinks but IMHO you rule and you deserve whatever time off you think you need. Sure we’ll miss you and your excellent work but we’ll manage to survive… Heres hoping no one messes around with what you’ve done so far. Being a KDE, Amarok+Xine, Kopete user I know your workings and know you are the boss.Have a nice vacation!

  2. Everyone needs a vacation once and a while, so enjoy the time off. You deserve it; you do great work.

  3. I agree with the others. The hardest working Dev can take time off if he wants.The key is to do it and enjoy it though. It might be hard for first couple days to not work on something. But force yourself and you’ll enjoy your time off a lot more and feel good about it.Thanks for all your hard work and see you when you come back.

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