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The long build has started

So, today I had some issues with connection, I’m hating my ISP even more, and I’m considering moving to something else.. unfortunately the only ISP I can choose continuing paying the same monthly amount is Tiscali and I have mixed feelings toward them. If somebody lives in the area of Mestre, Venice, and uses Tiscali, I’d be interesting to hear how the service is here.

A part from that, today KDE 3.5.4 prerelease process started, so I’ve generated the new updated ebuilds and I’m now building kdelibs for the update.. I “just” have to build KDE on two boxes (Enterprise and Defiant, Linux and FreeBSD), two times (one with pre-release and one with final release). Sigh.

I hope not to have to do also monolithic ebuilds, but that isn’t sure yet.

At least this time I don’t work on a short (negative) notice 🙂 Thanks a lot to Caleb and KDE sysadmins for adding me so quickly to the packagers’ list so that I seen the pre-release myself 🙂

Maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep while KDE builds..

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  1. Hi Diego,what is the difference between pre-release and final release? Tarballs?

  2. Sometimes nothing, sometimes build system regen, sometimes typo fixes, sometimes code fixes.

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