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Working on the Java side…

Unfortunately for me, I have to do this, too 😉 I think that Gentoo/FreeBSD tasks made me do the strangest things out there, starting from trying GNOME and fixing some issues with it, to now working with Java ebuild.

Anyway, thanks to Timothy, I also added diablo-jdk to the tree, so now there are both jre and jdk for Gentoo/FreeBSD. The bad side of this is that they are only 1.5, so it requires that everything we keyword is ported for Gentoo/java Generation 2, and it is not the case yet.

I have to thanks also the whole Gentoo Java team, who’s doing a really good job and is helping a lot to support Gentoo/FreeBSD.

The current status of the things is that the jdk/jre are marked, although ant cannot be built entirely yet. I’m going to keyword the working packages soon, so that only the ones failing will be missing from dev-java/ant-core dependencies.

Today I wanted to take my day off but I wasn’t able, I hope to be able to do that tomorrow, as I want to finish reading “Uno Nessuno e Centomila” with some peace of mind, that I really really need in this moment.

On a different topic, KDE 3.5.4 is near, and luckily this time I prepared so that I can take care of it during pre-release without having to deal with it late and with users expecting it to be already there. A big thank you to Caleb who took care of allow me to access as a packager.

And to finish this blog entry (the heat reduces my willingness to blog, if you couldn’t tell), PulseAudio is now unmasked in portage, and marked for ~amd64, ~ppc, ~x86 and ~x86-fbsd.. enjoy it 🙂
Yes, I do know there’s an error while upgrading form 0.9.2 to 0.9.3 so you have either to re-build 0.9.3 or remove 0.9.2 beforehand. Before 0.9.4 is released I’ll be shooting down that problem tho.

Too friggin’ hot for me 😐

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