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Heat and stagebuilding

So, today while trying out KOffice, I ended up lookign at the page with libiconv’s releases, that it’s usually static and I just watch to know that I have nothing to do and… well there was a new release of libiconv 1.11… Time to update it then.

Luckily this time no big deals this time, no ABI breakage, no soname change, nothing. But there is something interesting: with GCC 4.0/4.1 it does support hidden visibility, which is a quite interesting thing, not because libiconv has a lot of symbols, but because almost anything loads it when you build with NLS support enabled.

After this, I was finally decided to prepare the new stage, that was long overdue. So I cleaned up defiant, set up distcc so that even ‘cc’ and ‘gcc’ plays fine, and set up a configuration for the new stage with PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT. The stagebuilding took some hours and with defiant turned on all that time, well, the temperature on my study room gone way over my preferred one. The result is that I’m still melting.

Anyway, the new stage is ready, uploaded to pecker, and waiting to take the way of torrents and mirrors. Notable changes: GCC 4.1.1 and Binutils 2.17, Portage 2.1, libiconv 1.11 and libintl installed in /lib, which means you can actually have /usr split out now.

Okay, now I’ll check a little thing (pulseaudio’s linking troubles) and then I’ll go reading. I’ll hope to take tomorrow off, but I won’t count on it of course.

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