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Something I hate…

… is being waked up in the exact moment I’m finally able to sleep after a difficult day… and then being unable to return to sleep because of roosters and dogs all around the house deciding it’s time to wake up everyone.

So, tonight, that I didn’t have insomnia, and I was ready to sleep my time, I’m awake again. Stupid summer.

On the other hand, I’ve just seen with my own eyes that xine still has trouble decoding H.264 streams. I’m not sure what’s causing this, as ffmpeg is used for H.264 decoding, and VLC and MPlayer are playing it fine (MPlayer with its own copy, VLC with the shared one), but I get a lot of errors on the verbose debug, unfortunately I built xine without debug and I’m now rebuilding it, maybe I’ll be able to find the reason why they don’t play well and fix it. You can thank lu_zero for this, as it’s the anime he just suggested me to have this glitch.

On a different note, I’ve added Timothy’s ebuild for diablo-jre-bin to the tree, now Gentoo/FreeBSD users can have a working JRE, with nsplugin and all that. Who said that Gentoo/FreeBSD is not ready for desktop? 😛

Also, PulseAudio 0.9.3 is released and now in Portage, building out of the box on FreeBSD (although I’m still applying a patch because it’s needed but not enough convincing for upstream, and I understand this). Thanks Lennart for the work, pulse is working fine here 🙂

A note: from this version PulseAudio supports a System-Wide instance, similarly as how 0.9.2 did in Gentoo. The main change is that esd wrapper configuration is no more automatic if you use system wide (you need to configure auth-anonymous by yourself) and is gone (if you want a special script for the system wide instance you can use the conf.d to pass options to pulseaudio executable.

Oh just seen: there’s a bug in xine-lib, it fails to build when LOG is defined. Sigh.

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  1. that;s weird, because i have the exact opposite situation with h264 streams.(g)xine plays them perfectly and mplayer messes them up.videos i have problems with are on , free for download, so you can test them out yourself.

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