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Looking for a new Hackergotchi

Sometimes I’m just scared of how telepathy actually works from time to time. It happened to me before that thinking about a specific, non-currently-focused-on problem, someone ends up taking that problem up.. yes they’re only coincidences, but whatever.

In the last days I was thinking about my current hackergotchi on Planet Gentoo, that is shown quite a bit of times, as I blog often, but it’s not exactly “the coolest” one… well Chris just made the point to me, too:

[03:18] <ChrisWhite> Flameeyes: you also should replace your pic on planet with something with a little more…

[03:18] <ChrisWhite> Flameeyes: … happy go lucky-ish?

[03:19] <ChrisWhite> like, not look like your depressed and/or pissed off 😛

[03:19] <ChrisWhite> makes me think you’re Luigi of the Italian Mafia South Side Central

[03:19] <ChrisWhite> :X

He’s right, that photo isn’t exactly one of my happiest, for sure not one of the funniest 🙂

So, after killing him by laughter, I’ve decided to follow his suggestion, or at least to try to. I’m no good with graphics software, I suck as image manipulation.. although I do have a friend who’s an artist with photo manipulation, as his (but also our) site shows (look into the “Fotomontaggi” section, if you don’t speak Italian). Unfortunately he usually refuses to prepare avatars and stuff to me (mostly because he’s really occupied lately), but I have his fantastic works at hand.

To sum it up, this is a call for help to all my readers who’re good with graphic 🙂 The funny photo I chosen on is the Fantastic Four one (forget to have ever seen that other photo by the way) sooooo.. if someone is able to provide me a good hackergotchi out of that, I’d be asking Steve to replace my face on Planet 🙂

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