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Today is day of releases

As I’ve stated on my site.

First of all, I’ve released gitarella 0.003, after fixing a load of bugs and display issues that now should make gitarella way more solid when compared with the previous versions. I wanted to do this release because I’ll be probably working on SCGI support in the next days. SCGI seems to be an interesting technique, although the Simple part is really not related to its implementation (you actually need to implement more stuff on web-app side); it’s more interesting for the ability of restarting a single webapp without taking the whole webserver down while updating stuff.

Also, I finally released the hunspell rbot plugin that I already blogged about. Grab it while it’s new 😉 Please take in mind that it requires ruby-hunspell, that in turn requires the Gentoo-patched hunspell (for now, the patch is merged upstream, or at least it should be at this point), and that it clashes with rbot’s own spell.rb plugin, that should then be deleted or disabled for this to work.

I don’t count on this to be useful to anyone, but it would be good if there was someone interested in it 🙂

Oh, I’ve also updated typo once again, now that the development seems to be actually going somewhere 🙂 The theme for the admin interface is entirely changed… somehow, I preferred the old one. I hope the default theme will remain available still, as I don’t want to change it with another different default, but I’m not good enough to create my own theme.

And for who’s wondering: to let typo us system’s rails, you just need to remove vendor/rails and remove the definition from vendor/’s svn:externals property. At that point, typo won’t find its own copy of rails and will use system’s one.

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