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so here I am, again, unable to sleep, at 4:35 in the morning. This time the cause of my insomnia is related to thoughts of how many things I should have done and I was never able to do, starting from taking my driving license, that I lamely failed last November.

I started the night quite smoothly, by reading Stephen King’s The Song of Susannah from the Dark Tower series, actually finishing that book (last night I moved from the first chapter to about the half of it), but after finishing it i wasn’t ready for continuing my reading. First of all, I’m trying not to read the books one after the other, considering that passed years between their writing (even if the events are mostly tied together), so I was to start another book not related to Dark Tower at that point (my choice ended up being Pirandello’s Uno, nessuno e centomila — Pirandello is for sure my favourite Italian writer since middle school, although I mostly read some of his short novels and just one of his books up to now, Il Fu Mattia Pascal ).

But when I was here, laid on my bed looking at the ceiling, I ended up as usual thinking of all the time I’m wasting on things that really I could avoid. Most of what I do is probably a waste of time anyway, also when you start looking at what I do for Free Software: the wavpack plugin for xine is mostly a waste of time because I start feeling like I’m not good enough to code again the whole decoding function, that is probably something for a pro I’m not; Gitarella is another way to reinvent the wheel, although I still think of it of better than gitweb on idea, still to see if I’m able to implement as much as gitweb offers, considering gitweb is there since before gitarella and it is developed side to side with git itself.

The cause of my thoughts on the driving license failure was surely due to talking about it with a friend of mine today, that remembered me I should have already tried again to take that damn license. He’s right, as I really need to find a way to move myself out of this house sooner or later, for work but not only.

And then there’s the whole mess with some of my friends and my personal feelings, that ended up parting me from someone who I thought was my best friend since high school, and I finally discovered being way far from me since a long time now, in almost every aspect.

I suppose this is the most boring, annoying post I did in this new blog up to now, also because it’s really not aimed to say anything useful, but just because tonight I need to let my mind go alone and write something down, or I would explode. I cry all ya pardon, and I promise I’ll try to say something more useful in the next posts.

On a final, Gentoo-related note, I want to say that if anybody tries to open a bug for GwenView 1.3.92b, he’ll win for sure the “Pointless bug of the Year” award 🙂 The only fix in that version is for Qt 3.3.5 and later, with the fixed uic that respects <includehints> tags… but I already added that patch to Gentoo’s 1.3.92, so no need for bumping it.

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