ISP problems are lame

The title is a quote from lfranchi in #amarok channel 😉 When I read him saying that, I thought it was a good idea for a blog title, so here it is.

It’s now three days that my ISP is having problems with routing. I cannot access Userfriendly, I cannot connect to Azzurra through their own server, and every time I try a cvs up of gentoo-x86 module, it stops still counting what has to update. The result is that I cannot have an update cvs checkout to work with, sigh.

The situation is ridiculous even more when it comes to the ISP’s customer care, that does not even ask em for which damn gateway I’m using and simply tell me to “try with another computer” … I have three computers, I tried with another router, I asked a friend to try with another connection and they still think the problem is mine. And I pay them, sometimes I wonder why…

So you can tell if I’m not that quick to fix issues as usual, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have to use a stupid ISP that does not seem to be willing to give its users a good service. If anybody from that particular ISP staff is reading this (thing that I doubt, at least because they seem to be more and more oriented on dropping useful features for features that bring them more money from Windows users), I will be happy to explain them what they could do to improve the support with almost no waste of time.

On other news, I’m happy to read that Poettering ported PulseAudio to Avahi, next ebuild will be quite simpler to handle.