Problems with Kopete and ICQ

I e just finished having dinner, in front of emacs, while fixing today’s Kopete problems. For who didn’t notice, Kopete stopped working with ICQ today because of a change in ICQ’s policies, that kicked out older versions of the clients, included Kopete.

Luckily upstream reacted almost immediately and I was contacted by an user (padde on Freenode) with the information, I got the patch for net-im/kopete and I started working on it.

Unfortunately kdehiddenvisibility does not seem to work that well with that version, so I had to disable it for now. I also took the time this time to add a few useflags to disable some plugins and protocols, that should make Kopete take less time to build, and allows to have proper runtime dependencies for plugins like the LaTeX and the Cryptographic ones, that needs tetex and gnupg respectively.

Anyway, right now I patched net-im/kopete-0.12.0-r2, kde-base/kopete-3.5.3-r2 and kde-base/kdenetwork-3.5.3-r2 with the patch to fix ICQ, the older versions of kde-base stuff got an elog message to let users know of the problem. I might ask for a new stable in the next days, but I’m not sure yet.

Talking about early stables, xine-lib-1.1.2 is going to be stable sooner than I expected, this because of a bug in MiMMS code, that could be exploited and that will require a new stable. This means that I should be able to finally clean up the state of the xine-lib versions to something completely working and stable, hopefully.