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Finally, the release…

… of xine-lib 1.1.2 of course. Darren packaged the tarball and released it on SourceForge tonight, and now all distributions will have available the fix for FLAC files, hopefully..

I wish to thank Darren a lot, as this release really makes my work simpler, especially since, after this release, I’m going to merge the remaining (3) patches of Gentoo, the visibility one, the textrel one, the m4b.. actually the only remaining is the textrel one, but that I want a couple of tests more before.

I’m also trying to investigate some bugs, after I hunted down some issues that are now fixed in the 1.1.2 release in’s bug tracker. Unfortunately I don’t have direct access to those bugs to close them down, and I had to ask Darren to do that, one by one, and it’s not that easy after all.

There are a lot of bugs that are caused by xine-ui and those should be fixed when we do another release of that, too, but it might take a while still.

I’m currently working on adding support for Darwin i386 to the, that currently assumes Darwin == PowerPC (uncorrectly). This should solve two bugs currently reported in SourceForge.

Not that easy is proving the importing of unieject’s source code from’s SVN to a GIT repository (as I’m finding myself quite comfortable with GIT, I’m more than happy to move to that). I tried three times already to get the data, but SourceForge’s server is all but stable. I’ll be rsyncing it down and then converting locally later.

So, today not much commits to Gentoo, but a few to ruby-hunspell to prepare the release, a bit to gitarella as I wanted to improve it a bit, considering I’m using it more and more, and now xine. Not a bad mixture, is it?

Oh of course I won’t forget the Wavpack plugin for xine I talked about some time ago, I’ll be working on that as soon as the issue are taken care of, so that people can actually use it, but the problem is that to have it working correctly I also need a TagLib plugin for Amarok to use it, and thus it should be better if TagLib’s plugins would be taken out of Amarok as discussed some time ago.. If you can help somehow, it will be surely appreciated 🙂

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