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Black out

During last night I had to take down farragut, so this blog and my site were inaccessible. The reason was a nasty blackout due to works on the power line of the neighbourhood, that stopped my record of 62 days of uptime. During that time, the patchset tarball for xine-lib 1.1.2 (released yesterday) was missing on mirrors. Sorry about it, should be fixed now.

Now, as I announced, I had a couple of things to do after 1.1.2 release, now that there’s no hurry to bring out a new release and thus little breakages are a bit more acceptable. First of all I committed the massive patch to enable support for visibility, then I continued committing other fixes and improvement, in particular with regard to the script and the buildsystem. xine-lib from CVS HEAD should now build on Mac Intel systems, although I’m not sure of that as I don’t own one myself.

I also added pulseaudio to portage, and as the output plugin of xine-lib was too old to work with it, I added a new plugin to CVS for pulse audio support. But I would like to ask a question about this. Lennart is author of both Polyp PulseAudio and Avahi… but PulseAudio uses Howl for zeroconf support. Even he, who’s the author, doesn’t seem to care about porting the app… it doesn’t feel right.

There’s also a patch to make xine-lib work with libcaca 0.99, but first I have to add that to portage (of course masked because of that), and it’s not going to be today, I hope (I hope because I have more important things to do today than adding libcaca).

A part all these trivialities, I’ll be working on xine-lib more later, and Gentoo of course too. You might find more regular snapshots of the CVS version of xine-lib in the future, but they’ll be all masked, it’s just a way for me to test stuff without doing ninja stuff, so don’t be surprised to see early snapshots of 1.1.3: only when it will be important to I’ll put them out of p.mask.

Talking about xine-ui, instead, a new snapshot should be on its way today, and I’ll try to push a couple of changes to that too, before a 0.99.5 release that is long overdue, especially considering it contains important security fixes.

I wish to thank again Darren for his work, especially considering that I used him to close the open bugs in SourceForge’s tracker, as I don’t have access. There are tons of bugs that should be closed as NEEDINFO, especially because many of them are reported anonymously and make difficult to have a feedback at all.

Too bad that with my job this whole stuff isn’t useful 😉

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  1. You said:”but PulseAudio uses Howl for zeroconf support. Even he, who’s the author, doesn’t seem to care about porting the app… it doesn’t feel right.”To be fair, he uses the Howl API for PulseAudio, and Avahi does have a compatibility layer for it. However, it does seem that Lennart is going to port PA to Avahi proper, as indicated in a comment from a bug I reported (… BTW: HOWL support will be replaced by Avahi support soon.By the way, thanks for putting PulseAudio into portage.

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