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Released ruby-hunspell

So today I wanted to spend those few minutes to release ruby-hunspell, prepare an ebuild for it (in my overlay for now) and write the hunspell plugin for rbot, and I’ve done the release.

If you want to try it out, you can grab it from the project page. There you can also find the link to the gitarella to browse the sources and the address to get the GIT repository.

The packaging is done with a custom tarball script that’s derived from the one I used for gitarella.. probably I should clean it up and just share it between the two projects. The build system is CMake as I said, that is incidentally also the one chosen for KDE 4. It has a lot of troubles upstream I’m afraid, and the syntax could have been better (starting from avoiding that damn all-case script this time, instead of making it worse), but it’s not that bad to use after all. I have to replace the FindRuby module with my own (that I wrote already for TagLib) as the one provided by original CMake is pure and simple garbage (hardcodes i386-linux path), but now it should be just fine. The good part of this all is that hunspell and ruby are available for Windows, so ruby-hunspell should work there, too.

The ebuild was easy to write, in all the defects of CMake, there’s not the one of being unable to use it decently from an ebuild. In contrast to qmake (that is an Hell of its own) and scons (that is stupid of its own and difficult to use in an ebuild), cmake requires just a generation of the makefiles, comparable to configure script, and then classic make/make install. It respects CC/CXX/LD variables and CFLAGS and LDFLAGS as-is without doing any edit. On that, it’s fantastic.

The ebuild as I said is in my overlay, currently marked ~amd64 and ~x86-fbsd. I’ll add it to portage soon, most likely, but first I want to release the hunspell.rb script for rbot. Right now it works just fine, but hardcodes the path of en_GB dictionary and affix files in myspell-en, I want to make it configurable before release.

Oh and of course… Grandi Azzurri!, even if I don’t like soccer at all, yesterday’s game was fun to watch, once again. It was quite a while that here in Italy soccer was more played like politics rather than a sport, and they deserved to win after playing again.

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