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Improvement continues

Okay, no big deals today to report actually. I’ve fixed the baselayout ebuild that I forgot to recommit, so if you had lots of trouble after updating baselayout to the snapshot version, it should be fixed in tomorrow’s snapshot (or already if you’re a developer and you can use the SVN). I’ll also prepare a newer snapshot version later today probably.

But a few progresses were made anyway. Yesterday I fixed eselect’s env update to work with FreeBSD’s and DragonFly’s ldconfig; the patch is in the overlay (will be in tomorrow’s snapshot probably) and I submitted it to our lovely eselect developers so they can put it in the next versions. Then I discovered that there is a port for libbfd recently updated to 2.16.1, that way it should be simpler to forwardport the patches and then submit them upstream.

For the ones following pidof’s odyssey, I’ve decided to go with GPL, as that allows me to reuse code from sysvinit and also might be helpful if, instead of releasing a single pidof package, I decide to create a better suite to add some of the things that we end up missing on FreeBSD because are GNUisms and things like that.

I hope to provide something interestingly new in the next days, maybe an updated stage, but I”m not yet sure, I still need to fix the route adding problem, but if there is an unix-like command I never understood, that command would be route(8)…

Oh well…

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