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Cannot sleep…

… well not a news, everybody who followed my blog in the past months knows that I suffer from insomnia from time to time. Tonight I wasn’t expecting it, tho.

So, as I’m here, I want to at least get a bit of updates on what I’m doing and why 😛

First of all, last night new minor versions of libtorrent and rtorrent were released, you can find 0.10 and 0.6 in portage now already, and they seem to work good too. After this release, I also asked for stable on the versions, and deleted all the other lowe versions but the current stable, so that I can reduce the number of ebuilds on CVS and at the same time provide a suitable stable ebuilds (rtorrent and libtorrent proved completely stable for me up to now).

Today I also revbumped (again, I know) vlc to fix a problem with the newly-readded nsplugin, now it should work fine. I also took the time with that to change one “little not so little” thing: FFmpeg now is mandatory, no more ffmpeg useflag, as VLC is kinda pointless without that. Also the next time I’ll be bumping xine-lib I’ll make external FFmpeg mandatory, as it’s proving stable and I can make sure the version in portage is always working with the xine-lib version we have.

You might also see that I’m trying to fix dependencies on virtual/x11 to ‘<virtual/x11-7’, as suggested by Jakub, to try to avoid problems when users have virtual/x11-7 merged (luckily, I don’t ;).

On the Gentoo/FreeBSD front, I gave up on dbus for now, I’ll work on that when i have more time, and I also gave up with lua because the current versions are evil and they are now in mask for soooo much time that I don’t think it’s worth spending time on that. I keyworded Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey tho (and it’s just me who find the monolithic Seamonkey more performant than Firefox that was created to be faster than the old monolithic Mozilla? If I’m not the only one, I can start to say Mozilla people screwed up big time with that).

The ruby-hunspell bindings are working, but I haven’t written any documentation about them yet so they are still lingering around in GIT rather than being released. I hope to do soon. I should also update the website, and that’s a bit annoying from my point of view.

I’m thinking of updating the stage for Gentoo/FreeBSD too, as there are quite a few things that changed, starting from GCC and Binutils versions, that are now respectively 4.1.1 and 2.17. I should really do that.
But I’m having trouble with the crosscompiler right now and this ain’t good at all, so I have to resolve that first (so that building the stage won’t take two days).

Least thing I’ll say, is that net month I’ll probably take two weeks off, for basically the first time since I joined Gentoo last year! Not a big deal, no holidays, nothing really relaxing, I’ll just go to stay at my sister’s place for two weeks while her husband is out of town for his job, but I’ll be unavailable for the two weeks as I’m not going to have a net connection nor anything else. I’ll be reading my books, and trying to apply the Qigong exercise I read about, that are not easy to actually do daily as long as I’m at home.

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