It’s good to share common technologies but…

… it would be great if the support tools and libraries actually worked out of the box.

I think I blogged already too much about the fact that GNOME is broken out of the box on anything that is not Linux (and even on some non-standard Linux setups of course). Seems like this problem is not only a prerogative of GNOME itself but also of its support software, even when hosted by FreeDesktop.

So, today I decided to clean up some keywording of ~x86-fbsd, as there are quite a few things that misses optional dependencies. One of the things I wanted to try was dbus. It’s the next generation IPC application for both GNOME and KDE, one has to suppose it works fine out of the box. After all it’s FreeDesktop’s, isn’t it? So it should work just fine…. you hope.

No it’s not the case, dbus-0.62 does not complete the merge correctly on FreeBSD. It does not work.

So I look at ports, and find a 68K sized patches directory. 68K of patches to have it working. And I would bet something that half of those aren’t applied upstream.

SIGH! More work to do when I have time. Now you can tell how I feel toward the “standardisation” that is going on with GNOME and KDE these days. I would rather call it “bastardisation”.

On the other hand, even xine-ui snapshot I recently added failed to work on FreeBSD. But I fixed that today cleaning up also the extraneous warnings, so that improved for sure, although xine-ui is half dead and could certainly use a good rewrite, especially with respect to the fonts handling.