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Don’t you hate when…

… you’re working on cleaning up a series of ebuild, and while looking for configuring one your whole IME setup goes down because skim crashed, and neither restarting X helps? I do.

And I do even more when this happens during the night, and I’m already nervous because I was sick the whole day, and it’s too hot for my mind to stay clear.

So, as I was pretty pissed off at that, I decided to simply shut everything down and tomorrow I’ll see what to do. If the 9250 arrives before noon, I’ll probably put it on before actually doing any work, so it’s a good idea to leave the box turned off tonight.

In particular I would end up burning myself again if I tried to remove the GeForce out of that box after leaving it on for some days without ever shutting it down.

Unfortunately I was also trying to update Defiant so that I could keyword a few things, but that will have to wait.

So, what I was working on before getting hindered by my own X? After a bug received about scim-tables I passed the night looking at the scim methods ebuilds that needed to be cleaned up, scim-pinyin and scim-tables in primis, as they had an optional automagic KDE support that now came down to a kde useflag.

There is a lot of work to do on the CJK ebuilds I’m afraid, mostly because I see the same errors repeated over and over, probably because of the ebuilds copied from one package to the other, and cleaning them up to have a decent style is going to be a long work. At least I can try to make myself useful in CJK herd other than patching Qt (considering that daisuke didn’t release an official patch for Qt 3.3.6 yet).

Oh of course yesterday Amarok got added to portage, and there is trouble with that, as usual. It’s a quite widespread application, so it’s somewhat normal that people find troubles with it the same day it’s released, sigh. I’ll try to blog tomorrow after I’ll have fixed a few errors.

Now I really need something to calm myself down… I’ll read a book, as yesterday I finished The Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King, and I usually put a different genre of books between every book in the Dark Tower series to find it even more stimulating.

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