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Update for my VLC users

When I say “my” I of course mean to the Gentoo VLC users, as I’m the one to maintain it.

First of all, I was able to push stable (thanks to stable request for libcddb 1.2.0, and stable marking of modular Xorg) a new version of VLC, that is now 0.8.4a-r1 for all the architectures with a stable. This is really good for me of course 🙂

What does this mean is that finally I was able to get rid of 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 versions, that were lingering in portage for quite a while now, mainly because of avahi support.

Unfortunately, as I said early, I’ve disabled the mozilla plugin from all the current versions, waiting for more time to work on a xulrunner-based version, hopefully.

Unlucky me, the current version of xulrunner in portage does not seem to build without java enabled, and I don’t really want to enable java for it, it already pollutes my environment enough without need to add more stuff.

I’ll have to wait a bit for that, but now I can say with reasonable certainty that soon there will be a 0.8.5-r1 that will have the browser plugin working with seamonkey. Also, I’ll have to fix gxine to use that instead of spidermonkey (how many monkey do they have there? I knew it was somewhat related to GNOME – and to Win32…).

Now if only I had a clone or two to be able to manage the flames I have to pass through to be able to get my patches merged into FFmpeg, it would be handy 😉

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