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The road to Free Java is a long one…

Luckily, seems like some people aren’t scared by the wheels they have in front of them.

As the Gentoo Java team recently merged their work for the next generation Java-related ebuilds, as nichoj revelead us, I’ve decided to give a try to Kaffe, as that’s also my only hope to get Java working on Gentoo/FreeBSD.

Unfortunately it’s absolutely not ready for prime time. As soon as I tried it, I had it crashing, it ended up being two banal NULL pointer dereferences, so I just fixed them and patched locally. But this didn’t actually helped.

The problem seems to be that everything I try to run in kaffe, it can be either Konqueror’s applet server or jrisk the same, I get a StackOverflow exception. I’m not sure, it might be because I’m in 64-bit, but I have no clue how to test and debug this issue.

I hope Kaffe will improve soon, but in the mean time I find myself forced to have at least one binary jdk to work with, unfortunately.

Too bad 🙁

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