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The missing bumps

So, I think I didn’t focus too much on Gentoo in the last couple of days, but don’t worry, I’m catching up 😉

First of all, I’ve already bumped k3b finally (I was actually waiting for carlo as he’s the one who usually takes care of it, but right now it was a bit too much to wait, and it had FreeBSD fixes I wanted).

Now I’m compiling KDevelop 3.3.91 (3.4 beta1) that will be in portage soon enough. I want to look at it as it’s promising well.

Later I’ll add a new snapshot of xine-lib, still waiting for the 1.1.2 release (damn I wanted it two weeks ago :?) and I’ll add one of xine-ui too as there are a few fixes that might be interesting. Yesterday I also worked to fix a few format-string related bugs to both so that now they are safer than ever 🙂

Remaining in theme of multimedia, I’ve also been sending a few patches to FFmpeg to try to cut down the patches that xine-lib has to apply over their code, and to try again to proceed on the visibility patch. I think I’ll end up being hated again, but I’m stubborn enough to rework patches and resend them even 10 times 😛

I’ve also started looking to write a wavpack decoder inside FFmpeg to start with, before trying to do the same for xine-lib. The next stop would be having a TagLib plugin for it, but it’s likely to take a while, as for instance the first about that is to move the extra plugins from Amarok to their own package, but for that I want to wait 1.4.1 release, and having a bit more time.

I haven’t been able to set up a GNOMEish chroot yet, although I did use a chroot to work on openmotif, which last version should build in a more acceptable way. People using PPC or other platforms with problematic strict-aliasing bugs are suggested to rebuild last version.
For people using libquicktime and experiencing problems, a re-emerge of latest ~arch is suggested rather because I “riced it down”, by making it not try to use the CFLAGS it wanted, but the ones that users choose, in particular it used to build with “-O3 -funroll-all-loops” that in some systems produce non-working or slower code.

Finally, a suggestion that I got from Plasmaroo but might interest other people too 😉 When I moved to emacs I continued to use vim for quick editing of configuration files, because it’s simpler to use “sudo vim”, and cannot mess with configuration files, emacs I wouldn’t trust to run within sudo as it has its own configuration and I don’t want to break it. A good replacement is zile, that’s a minimal replacement that do exactly what I need: edit configuration files quickly 🙂

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