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Emacs and screen, screen and emacs

So, as now the autoconf mess is heading for the solution, I’ve now switched to another problem, reported to me by genstef, with openmotif.

Now, I don’t want to mess up with openmotif on this box, and also I try not to build too much stuff these days because of the heat, so I’m working on pitr.

Unfortunately, I cannot run emacs on screen to be able to have 256-colors themes (at 8 colors, emacs looks so bad…). So I’m doing it the other way around, running screen inside emacs’s terminal emulator. This looks so strange to me, but it works fine.

Okay, so now I get openmotif pass the crucial part (using eautoreconf rather than the tools by hand) but it fails to build (probably unrelated change). Sigh.

Oh for other news, I’ve released a 0.002 version of gitarella today after adding a few more views and fixing a few bugs, now it should be a bit more usable. Please also note the favicon you can see on gitarella’s installations, derived from the original GIT logo, isn’t it cute? 🙂

Okay I should employ my time in more useful stuff, I know….

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