Resuming work on Gitarella

After release of 0.001 version, Gitarella became famous for a couple of days, as it was also posted on official git mailing list. This shown me that there is a bit of interest about it that make it useful for someone else.

I’ve then restarted working on it tonight, and I started implementing tags support, now that I do have one on a local repository. I hope to release a 0.002 in the next days, just to let people know I’m not dead on that ;)

On different notes, autoconf 2.59d/2.60 incompatibilities are still spread over the tree. From a few packages that seemed to be problematic at the start, right now we have quite a few failing. I was able to find a couple thanks to Pitr, but I still haven’t been able to complete gnome emerge (one of the packages was Totem, for completeness).

Also, yesterday I received Amazon’s package with a gift from Claes Mogren, who I want to thanks for it :) The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream by Rhapsody is really really good, and the Italian version, with Christopher Lee singing, makes me creep from the pleasure :)

Too bad the Lene Marlin DVD came scratched, so I had to start the procedure for change it; I’ve already prepared the box to send, will do that tomorrow.

A huge thanks to Norbert Thiebaud too, for his notable donation :)

Okay, now it’s time to return to Gitarella and to implement a few more things :)

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