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D for Destruction

No, I’m not talking of my name (that starts with D, too) but to the suffix code of the problematic autoconf version.

Problematic because it can’t be said to be broken, it’s just.. stricter. The packages failing with it were/are broken. Luckily now the most important ones should be fixed: openssh, ruby, transcode, kxkb, and I just gave genstef a patch for a2ps.

Mike added 2.60 to the tree today, and unmasked it… so hang thigh and if you find something that breaks, report it as blocking the tracker bug so that we’ll know of it when the time come of stabling autoconf 2.60.

So, now to pass on the storytelling — how Mike defined this ;)… While I’m testing kde-meta (that is likely to be messed up with autoconf 2.60, knowing the way we do stuff) on Pitr, I also tried to fix a few things here and there. For instance, I’ve remembered of the opengl need for Kopete, and now you’ll see the ebuilds fail with an explicit error message instead of failing halfway through the build with a strange error message that users usually fail to understand.

And while doing this test, I also understood one thing: even if I don’t want to put Mozilla on this box, I can try to get latest ~arch VLC to build the plugin by using Pitr as build slave! 🙂

So now I’ll let it finish the kde building, but I’ll start working on that fix later today. VLC users wanting the nsplugin, don’t be desperate, you’ll have it soon, I’ll guarantee you 🙂

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