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Autoconf debacle, part two

So, after talking about the autoconf debacle yesterday, I’m still working on cleaning it up.

Right now, the packages not working are limited, although there are a lot of extra warnings and noise on many packages, for once, makefiles not respecting —datarootdir option, whatever that means.

Luckily, I’m using AMD64 devbox, Pitr, to do most of the work, instead of melting down my system, as this is just a matter of compiling, not of run testing multimedia programs – that, alas, is what I usually do so I can’t rely on devboxes for that.

Talking about my box, I was thinking last night if it might be the case of upgrade it, but I’m not that tempted right now. The graphics card I hoped to replace, so to use GPL drivers on that box, is now suspended to a date to be defined, as the motherboard has no PCI express slots, just an AGP slot, and newer motherboards does not carry AGP anymore; changing the graphics card would be somthing limited to that computer and I won’t be able to move it somewhere else.

The same applies for the CPU, I have a socket 939 board, but 939 CPU seems to be about to cease production and selling, so not sure if it would be worth to update it. And buying a new motherboard, plus memory, plus graphic card, plus CPU… will simply cost me too much right now. So unless I find a way to make easy money, I’ll be doomed to spend hours compiling and recompiling 😛

On a totally unrelated note instead, although I used to be a VIM user, lately I feel a bit.. overwhelmed by the time required to build it and a few issues I’m finding with UTF-8 text, and in general complications that made me wonder. So thanks to exg and mkennedy, I’ll be experimenting now to pass to use emacs as Kate’s help instead of vim 🙂 I used to use emacs a few years ago, when I was still running Mandrake, that is, maybe now it’s time for me to return to that 😛

But to use it decently, I’m probably going to add to my overlay a patched Konsole with 256 colours support….

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