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Too hot

Today is too hot for me. And I mean it.

I hate summer and I hate heat, I hate when the temperature comes near the 30°C, and I hate the 90% humidity I have.

Today staying in my “home office” is difficult, and now I really can’t stay there anymore.
I ended up taking out my shirt and now I’m on my bad in my room, with the iBook.

Developing today is not possible, too hot to stay there, too hot to pass the whole day in front of the monitors because of the humidity. I worked on unieject this morning, and that is enough for today I suppose.

Actually, I also took some time to fix the licenses of my software, to update to latest GPL and LGPL texts available, and to update the address of FSF on all the files.

Now I will probably just find some time to hash out some documentation on gitarella, to release the first alpha alpha version, that at least might show some interest on that. It works basically, and that is what I wanted for it for now. Future development might make it use also SCGI, who knows? 🙂

My idea of adding WavPack support in xine seems to have changed a bit, Luca suggested me to rather write an ffmpeg plugin, so that the files would be played directly with it, but to that I should also add to my list the creation of a demuxer plugin for xine-lib (or it won’t be able to play wavpacks by themselves, but just wavpack streams) and a TagLib plugin inside Amarok to be able to get the metadata.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to take out much of useful by this pace, mainly because I never did anything like that in my life, and the time I can pour in that is strictly dependent on the free time I can get, and that is likely to be too few as I need a new job to be able to have enough money for the university.

Oh well, we’ll see.

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