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VLC’s nsplugin taking the way of the sea…monkey

So, after all the work I had to do to be able to get the nsplugin of VLC working with gecko-sdk so that I wouldn’tneed to merge Mozilla myself and to let it work for Firefox users too, it’s now time to say goodbye to it.

Anarchy is working to get Seamonkey stable in portage, and gecko-sdk is following mozilla out of the tree. Which means that I can’t leave vlc building against it.

As to move the build to use another tree will take quite a bit of time, as Mozilla, Firefox and Gecko-SDK all used different directories, and this means that the configure and the build system has to be updated to build on something else. Also, I’m not going to merge anything mozilla-based on this box unless I’m paid to do so.

Anyway, as the nsplugin never worked fine on VLC, I decided to simply disable it for good, and leave it disabled unless someone can give me a patch to make it working.

This is just a service entry for people to know that I’m not going to add that back anytime soon unless someone is going to take care of it. I’ll update the VLC maintainer’s guide soon with this data.

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  1. there is no problem in building it against all the other geckos, I for example use:+ export MOZILLA_CONFIG=”/usr/bin/xulrunner-config”+ export XPIDL=”/usr/$(get_libdir)/xulrunner/xpidl”in src_compile to build it against xulrunner, before this used the same to build it against firefox

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