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Today I’m tired, mainly because I was up till 5am and I slept till 12 =_=

xine-lib-1.1.2 release is still taking time to come out, and that’s unfortunate. I fixed a few warnings and the current CVS version should work out of the box with even less -fno-strict-aliasing use, as I was able to fix two of them. Some of the things I plan for xine-lib are still waiting for 1.1.2 release as I want to merge them after that for 1.1.3.

I’m also wondering if a wavpack plugin might be helpful to write, mainly for my own convenience to start looking at how xine plugins works exactly. Unfortunately this is probably useless to anyone but me 😛

I don’t want to start long stuff right now, as I hope to get a new contract soon, even if I don’t have one right now (last one was actually 2 days of work after two weeks of preparation), especially since I don’t have enough money right now to pay for university and new driving lessons as I should for next September. It’s depressing when you do the math and see that you need €1000 more to be able to pay the bills, and you don’t have any contract at hand (and your last contact telling you of something ready disappears without letting you know anything about that).

And of course finding someone willing to pay me for implementing wavpack support in xine is not going to happen anytime soon 😉

Also, I want to discuss a few things still before asking for moving Gentoo/Alt overlay to o.g.o, but I think that’s now decided, by my side at least. Hopefully this will put new force into Gentoo/Alt project that lately seems to be too sleepy 🙁

For Gentoo/FreeBSD, defiant seems to be dead again, can’t login with my user, I get “permission denied” on everything, although it was all fine till I shut it down. I’m afraid it might be the HD that’s dying again 🙁
Hopefully Javier can do a bit of work soon, so that I won’t be the only one working on ~x86-fbsd in tree.

Okay now, what can I do that might be useful and won’t take me long? 😛 I might be returning on fixing warnings in xine-lib, but after a while it seems annoying, as I’d rather do that while working after 1.1.2.

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