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Another keyboard problem

Seems like my problems with keyboards never ends. Today I wake up, I have to restart X because I kill scim/skim by mistake, and I end up having to restart X, when I do that, I end up with a messed up keyboard, that does not support alt-intl anymore. I had to fight with it a bit more until I ended up installing xkbdata instead of xkeyboard-config, and now it works fine.

Then I released a new version of unieject, 5.3, that will eject USB flash drives by default. On Gentoo you can also use the pmount useflag to blend in better with pmount; basically it installs it suid and on plugdev group exactly as pmount is, and enable use of pumount for umounting. This makes unieject behave almost perfectly on a desktop system 🙂

Now, to talk of something that is in the topic on many places now, I’d like to say something about the various women projects that are out there in the last weeks.

I’m not the kind of person who dislikes women in free software, but I’m not sure how much of this is going to help. Also KDE women project didn’t really change much for what can be seen. The reason is that women aren’t different from anybody else when it’s time to develop. They are not special, I know a few good female developers, and a lot that, despite having taken tech programming school, don’t want to program in their life at all; I don’t think there’s nothing in code that might need a “feminine touch”. But well, I’ll be interested to see what’s going to happen with these projects; hopefully as every project it will bring us some improvement.

But I have to say that this view might be biased by the fact that girls usually flee from me >_>

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