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Good news for unieject

So it seems like the work needed is really limited, to support the USB flash drives, at least on Linux.

The method used is the same as for CD-Roms, MMC commands. It’s already possible to use it with 5.2 version already released, just need to configure unieject to ignore capabilities and either set yourself in disk group, to access the devices, or unieject setuid.

Tomorrow I’ll see if FreeBSD is also that simple to support.

I also decided to go with a more centralised way to handle the capabilities workaround, as I already use one for FreeBSD and I added one more for USB flash devices: if there is no read of CD-R media, I assume it’s a SCSI/USB device and I’ll just return full capabilities.

If this will work on FreeBSD, I’ll release a new version of unieject, either 5.3 or 6, that will support USB flash drives almost out of the box. Something I’m going to do for Gentoo is instead to put a pmount useflag in unieject’s ebuild, and if that is enabled, I’ll install unieject with +s but owned by plugdev group (as done by pmount itself) and default to use pumount wrapper. This will make unieject a perfect package to work out of the box on a wannabe-desktop system, I’m using this on my setup and works as a charm.

If anybody wants to contribute more translations of unieject, I’m not going to add any new message, so feel free to translate the current ones.

Now I need to go to sleep as I’m crashing down myself 😛 Bye!

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