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I’m back, almost

Okay, today it was the second and last day of my debug course, my job (this job at least) is done, I will have my free time back now, for a while at least.

I won’t be working hard for Gentoo tonight, mainly as I’m pretty tired and I want to relax a bit. I have to say that the course was really awesome, for me, as it was a way to try out something new and something that is the nearest experience to what my dream job would be.

I also had interesting conversations with the guys attending the course, not only about the strict topic of the course itself but other problems they have with embedded developed and about PCB preparation. This integrated the information that robbat2 also gave me, and this summer I’ll be working on something about that for sure.

Now, after this bit of introduction about my current status, I have to give a huge thanks to Florian Steinel, who bought me the 3com router I was trying to find here. I set it up yesterday actually, but I hadn’t had time to thanks him for that, as I came home completely KO. It is working since then without a glitch, working really fine, and really easy to configure.
I only was able to mess it up when I had two and IPs assigned to this box 😉

On another note, I’ll be working tonight or tomorrow to fix some more issues in Gentoo, and to provide a few updates where needed.

Also, I have to be happy that farragut is now up since 36 days, without troubles, and is coping fine with the gwn effect, our little (not so little) slashdot effect that in two days made more visitors to this blog than the whole Planet Gentoo homepage.

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